History of Technofix

Technofix company is probably the biggest German company that has manufactured lithographed tin toys.
Born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1922 , through the work of Johann Georg and Einfalt took on the stage name of Technofix only after 1935 .
Over time, exceeding the period of the two world wars, has created a variety of tracks in mechanical printed tin, carefully and in detail, lithographed , patenting an incredible number of drugs elementary technologies to produce a wide variety mechanical circuits .
The meticulousness used in manufacturing and choice of fine metals with which they were made ​​all the mechanisms of these particular games meant that the same had never really in need of repair and durability had their strong point.
In the early 60s the advent of plastic , did not represent much of a problem that the company was able to become, in a short time, a point of reference especially to the Toy Fair in Nuremberg .
However in 1978, after 56 years of activity, the Technofix had to close .

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