History of Meccano

Meccano series includes a variety of Meccano set, for the construction of models, consisting of various components such as small perforated metal bars, screws and nuts .
These components allow the construction of small mechanical models more or less complex but all fully functional.
Invented and patented in early 1900 by Meccano Ltd of Liverpool has had a large number of imitations and so successful that between 1916 and 1963 was also published in a special magazine: Meccano Magazine.
The first set Meccano was based precisely on the elementary principles of mechanical engineering so that in the sets were contained small metal rods drilled, some trucks, the various pulleys, gears, collars, axes for moving mechanisms, nuts and bolts to assemble, among them, all the pieces.
In addition, each box contained, at its core, a small set of tools consists of a tiny wrench and a mini screwdriver.
The Meccano was, as always, much more than a toy: it was instructive and educational tool capable of making simple understanding of basic mechanical principles, also the Meccano was one of the few products that has continued to produce compatible parts between them over the years so that many modern models work perfectly even if the current components were replaced with those made 100 years ago.

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